Monday, July 14, 2014

Japanese Monet Pond Garden Idea

 After visiting the QLD Garden Show recently I was reminded that a good garden has rooms that are separated by some form and that you can have different themes in your garden if you have the space.
Well we have the space and one area which is needing some love is the dam.
It was decided that we do a Japanese style pebble river (with frog ponds) winding through the trees towards an opening of lush flowers and a pond (think small scale Monet).
So we all starting shaping a river leading to the dam, which will have a water feature at the top and walking areas alongside bamboo and other plantings.
This is a long term project, but at least we have a vision now, something to work towards.

 Home made concrete from the clay was carefully smoothed over the river bed by H.
Old bath toys were used to check the flow of the water down the river.
Plenty of fun.

New Kids on The Block

This is our Pomelo (Bos red) overlooking the vegetable patch.
 This is Hawaiian Guava, keeping the pomegranate company (colour matching!)
 This is Acerola cherry with a view to the pond.
 Last but no means least, the Tropical Nashi pear, closest to the house so we have less distance to walk and pick one of the tree!

Busy Growing in July

But with no rain will we split when the water comes????

Turkish Delight Rose

This will be lovely I am sure.


Juicing with green apples for sweetness. 
Unfortunately we have not grown an apple tree or red cabbage or carrots (must try again), however we do have some great organic suppliers close by.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Todays Picked Posie

Nasturtium Salad

This salad was a combination of herbs, baby kale, lettuce, 
baby nasturtium leaves and flowers.