Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Growth in the Gardens

 We have many gardens that need clearing of weeds. 
Some, you just can't see past the first metre, they are full of grass, 
strangling vines and fallen branches,
 until we get stuck in and start ripping...
 Now this is a new garden and it has some lovely new plants, thanks to Nanny.
It will keep evolving and one day we have a lush green wonderland.
 Other things evolving in other gardens...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

We Found a Mango Tree

The things you find in a garden!
Yes, a little mango was spotted on a not so happy tree in the front overgrown garden.
Now we need to clear all the weeds and start to give it some attention, 
so that we have a plentiful supply of Mangoes for next season.
Hooray, we have a Mango tree!

Toms and Melons

 All sorts of toms are starting to ripen. 
We are really enjoying the green zebra, the cucumbers and 
watching the watermelons ripen.
These two melons fell off the vine unripened , so they were not so good to eat, 
however the birds and Mustard polished them off, nothing goes to waste.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Beautiful Spider Lilies

These have bloomed just this week.

When to Pick the Corn

Tonight we pulled off our first corn, however it wasn't quite ready
 (very tasty on the bbq though).
The beard was brown, but not brown enough?
The corn was formed to the top, but not well enough at the top?
The kernels were yellow, but not yellow enough?

I need a degree in when to harvest corn!