Monday, May 18, 2015

Industrial Bathroom Lighting

Today our electrician came to do our studio lights and finish off the
bathroom lights and power points.
I decided to go with an industrial cage pendant light,
which was inexpensive and is fun I think.

Recycled Pavers

 We decided to recycle some pavers and start finishing the outdoor oven area.
A productive weekend all round.
I finally have a magnolia tree!
Now where to put it so that it can be enjoyed all year round?

Monday, May 4, 2015

Studio Update

We have been busy loading up the studio
now that the doors and desks are finished.
transfer of craft and office equipment is fun
but taking longer than expected,
but some pics of the progress so far.

Now for some serious organisation!

What's in the Garden

We have cherry toms, french beans, capsicum, asparagus, lettuce, but not much else.
We have passionfruit growing and our first mandarin, but not much else.
A combination of a long, hot summer and bugs have tested the garden.
we plan to fight back at some stage
and will have to cover the crops, 
until we work out another solution.