Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cabbage Patch Kid

We have just eaten our first cabbage from the patch. 
Two meals from this cabbage and we are all pleased with this baby.

Just Popped Up

It is amazing what just pops up in the garden where you least expect it to.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom walls have been removed and new ones put in, plastering nearly complete.
Next step painting, then bath and making the concrete benchtop.
It always takes a while when you renovate alongside Homeschooling and full-time work, however things are on the move.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kitchen Splashback

One of the jobs this weekend was to tile a splashback for the kitchen.
It is coming along well.
Tiling walls I like, not so much floors.

Teepee Garden

I have plans for vines to grow up and flowers down low and we can sit inside on the warm  summer days.

Garden Notes to Self

1. Be patient and the cabbage will grow.
 2. Pluck the cabbage moth caterpillars off the young broccolini and keep plucking!
 3. Try different varieties such as this eggplant.
 4. Always plant snow peas and flowers next to each other and they will produce plenty of crisp ready to eat garden snack foods.
 5. Sweet potato works better here than other spuds.
 6. Choko does grow from leaving the fruit sit on the bench.
7. Powdery mildew is a problem, but plucking out lower leaves, spraying with milk spray keeps it under control and we still get heaps of squash and zuchini (maybe try eco fungicide ?).

7. Nasturtiums won't flower as much when they are too wet or have too much mushroom compost.
 8. Roses are loving our garden and are favourites in the vase.
9.Amaranth and lettuce will grow in a compost heap if you drop seeds by accident.
 10. Bulbs planted under gum trees in mounds seem to be working.
11. Vegetable gardens take time but are rewarding.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What we are Eating in June

 The garden has loved the weather in the last couple of months and with some 
new garden beds in, we have started to get rewarded with colourful veg. 
The snowpeas are eaten straight from the vine daily!
The eggplants, radish and beetroots are a little fewer but still delicious when we find one.
The squash and zucchini are so cute and lovely sauteed in a dob of butter. Theyhave some white mould on their leaves (which the yellow ladybug loves), 
but nothing some milk and water (1:10) didn't control.
We found a huge supply of capsicums or peppers...still not sure what type.
Lettuce and Amaranth is popping up everywhere, even on the ground, which I guess is what happens when you leave the seeds to dry and fly around freely!
Garlic is sprouting  too.
Plus, so many more things, I can't keep track of them.

We have also been busy starting to clear the dam and revegetate with filtering and native plants.
(The arrowroot loves the clay soil here also).

These are some bulbs we have planted around the yard, 
hopefully in Spring we will get a surprise or two,
fingers crossed!