What is Working in the Garden?

 These zebra (75% sure) tomatoes were grown from last years seed savings
 and are doing well, after we removed the yellowing or diseased leaves 
and increased airflow.
The other tomatoes are loving the dry spell but will need a support this weekend.
 Mr Basil is having a ball with these toms, definitely a good match as they say.

Beetroot has been 50/50. Some I planted out too early and 
the poor things were too young and didn't survive.
 This pinkish plant is thriving but (oops) I have no idea what it is!
There is purslane, capsicum, chives and katsoi growing in the shade of the leaves.
They probably need thinning too.
 Lettuce is loving the shade cloth (old mesh curtain), 
and some coriander is starting to kick off in there also
 it was way too hot in the QLD open sun for it.
 The corn is reaching high amongst the clucker tucker
The mulberry had ripened its first berry for us, which was quickly stolen by a bird,
 so now we have bagged a few, just to try the first ones we have grown
 before they are stolen again!

This rose was transplanted (very ruggedly) to the orchard and it has flourished ever since.
I think we may move a few more if they are going to be this easy going.


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