Homemade Candied Orange

I made these a while back to put in a decadent almond orange cake
 and was quite happy with the result, so I thought it would be perfect 
in this years Christmas puddings.
Quite simple to make, first I found organic oranges
 (because we use the skin and don't want any nasties)
then peeled them trying to get as little white pith as possible,
then boiled/simmered them for 15mins, drained, and repeated this two more times.
Finally I added some caster sugar and just enough water to cover them 
and simmered until there was no liquid left basically.
I then decided to put them in the warmed oven, on fan only, to dry out,
 and this is what I ended up with...
Some of the really thin ones were very crispy and sweet, 
others were not quite so delectable but nevertheless perfect for the puddings.
Now to soak all the fruit!


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