Homemade Letterbox Sign

Our letterbox rusted away last week.
 It has been lying on the ground waiting to be sent to the mailbox graveyard.
Today we went to the tip shop and got ourselves the timber post and metal pole,
then we went to Bunnings and found a letterbox reduced by %75 
(I don't know why they are so expensive!)
We had the bracket and board and paint, but needed to buy a white permanent marker
and the little clip thingies that hold the sign on, 
which means I can change the sign whenever I get bored with it.
I sketched the house and then painted it on the board. It is much better than the
letters, which were done freehand and are all odd sizes (cringe), 
but it will be fine until I get another idea.
Perhaps some greenery planted underneath?
P made the concrete for the post, cut the pole, 
screwed all the bits and pieces together so they work well 
and followed all my instructions nicely.
He does come in handy.


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