Best Performers so Far

 Watermelons have definitely produced well this year, even after a dry summer they are still providing us with a third crop! But we can't forget the passionfruit we grew from seed, the ones that are covering the side of the shed and now flowering...amazing! If we can get a crop of tasty fruit this year, it will be our garden success story. (ps. the bees were pollinating a few days ago)

 Even though the Mulberry tree isn't fruiting, it has certainly grown a plenty.
 A rockmelon has started growing on the edge of the driveway.
The green zebra tomato has been the best producer and tastiest out of our 4 varieties we put in. It seems the inconsistent water and the heat have troubled the crop.

 Chard and Spinach are doing well and as for the flowers, well our sunflower seeds have produced some small sunny faces.
But the roses are simply fighters and truly beautiful.


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