Garden Notes to Self

1. Be patient and the cabbage will grow.
 2. Pluck the cabbage moth caterpillars off the young broccolini and keep plucking!
 3. Try different varieties such as this eggplant.
 4. Always plant snow peas and flowers next to each other and they will produce plenty of crisp ready to eat garden snack foods.
 5. Sweet potato works better here than other spuds.
 6. Choko does grow from leaving the fruit sit on the bench.
7. Powdery mildew is a problem, but plucking out lower leaves, spraying with milk spray keeps it under control and we still get heaps of squash and zuchini (maybe try eco fungicide ?).

7. Nasturtiums won't flower as much when they are too wet or have too much mushroom compost.
 8. Roses are loving our garden and are favourites in the vase.
9.Amaranth and lettuce will grow in a compost heap if you drop seeds by accident.
 10. Bulbs planted under gum trees in mounds seem to be working.
11. Vegetable gardens take time but are rewarding.


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