Small Main Bathroom- Update

 This bathroom is now in use.
There are a few things that need finishing,
some painting, the lighting and a shelf above the nook in the wall.

The bath, taps and sink were new, we made the cabinet and concrete benchtop, 
recycled the mirror and put new walls, roof, mosaic tiles above bath 
and added the concrete flooring in ourselves.
Rough costs have totalled around $3000.
The concrete bench has a high polish finish and 
we used natural beeswax polish as a sealer knowing we will have to re-apply, 
which is fine and no chemicals.

 The bath is a great size for the space and comfy!
We have a hand shower in the hob in case we need it for hair washing etc.

Way better than what was there before...
Now for an industrial light...


  1. What a great job you have done. Love the natural look of your new bathroom!


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