October in The Garden

 This time round we have plenty more passionfruit growing on our vines.

 The Mulberries are just delicious and so very productive. 
I am so glad we trained to branches out to a reachable height on a fence because we are getting about 12 berries per day at the moment 
(that is after the currawong has a few and H takes his share) 
We have had less stolen by birds because of this low canopy in my opinion.
 Beautiful coloured asparagus popping out of the earth and lettuce happy growing in a tree trunk???

 Our first blood orange.
Our new fruit tree...Davidsons plum.
 Seedlings grown from the seeds of last years watermelons.
 Roses getting eaten by a tiny black bug and aphids are visiting, so I am trying an eco oil.
 We have finally seen some other frogs (we normally hear them but can't spot them).

An exciting moment when we woke to find an egg by the pond.
We watched it for five days and put a wire fence around it to stop our egg loving dog from having an egg breakfast.
Then one day it was gone? No sign of egg shell anywhere. 
Did the monitor lizard eat it? A water loving snake perhaps? 
Well there are some ducklings around, so who knows?


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