Sunday, August 31, 2014


 Since the unusual rainfall we received at the end of winter, everything in the garden has gone into top growth gear.
Kale, spinach and cauliflower have been great over winter.
Nasturtiums are taking over!
Many other vegetables have gone to seed and we have plenty of native bees visiting.

Meet Mulberry Mick

 This is our new scarecrow who is going to protect our Mulberry trees (which have many new fruits!) from the cheeky birds. He has a view of the dam.

Tomato Bumper Crop

 We have our best yet tomato crop and lovely, rich, large Black Russians. 
This is a tomato thief!

Water Tank

This is our new stainless steel water tank to replace the old cracked poly one.
I am happy we choose this one, it is worth the investment.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weeds Attract Rosellas it Seems

 Some weeds have taken over some lawn area. I was pulling them out, 
but today we had our first close encounter with the pale cheeked rosella,
who as it turns out, likes to munch away on these weeds.
Perhaps the ducks can learn to eat bindiis!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Small Main Bathroom- Update

 This bathroom is now in use.
There are a few things that need finishing,
some painting, the lighting and a shelf above the nook in the wall.

The bath, taps and sink were new, we made the cabinet and concrete benchtop, 
recycled the mirror and put new walls, roof, mosaic tiles above bath 
and added the concrete flooring in ourselves.
Rough costs have totalled around $3000.
The concrete bench has a high polish finish and 
we used natural beeswax polish as a sealer knowing we will have to re-apply, 
which is fine and no chemicals.

 The bath is a great size for the space and comfy!
We have a hand shower in the hob in case we need it for hair washing etc.

Way better than what was there before...
Now for an industrial light...

Friday, August 8, 2014

Bathroom Cabinet

This will be our bathroom cabinet.
A Tasmanian oak, white wash timber canbinet.

Native Bees and Brocoli

 We have had a good first run on Brocollini and the natives bees love the flowers also.

The Meandering River

 Working on our water feature leading down to the dam.
Hmm the dam is low again now, so not sure what we are doing to do about planting around the edges.