The Feathered Ladies Recycled Chicken Quarters

The weekend was spent building this chicken run 
so the ladies have somewhere to feel safe if we cannot have them out and about.
It is made from what we had lying around, 
steel and timber (no super nasty chemicals) and aviary mesh which we purchased.
We have plans to grow a 
chicken tucker garden inside and make a swing, 
but for now they are happy.
After egg laying (they sing to tell us they have created something!), 
they can come out through the oven door (which was repurposed) and scratch around till
6ish when they hop back into bed.
Some Art we found at the tip shop (a tranquil scene for a chicken), 
hangs on the back wall to give some personality to their 4 bedroom apartment.
When it is time to frolic, the oven door can be opened to allow entry into 
the dust bath spa resort and play zone (with patio garden to follow).
At the moment the cooks are loving the dirt.
 We can easily access the run and clean up and gather 
all that lovely fertiliser for the vegetable garden.
 I am ready for my dust bath!


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