The Ladies Have Arrived

Yesterday I was asked if I wanted to take three Rhode Island Red Chooks home. 
They needed an alternative place to live because they were 
escaping too often and eating the neighbours expensive (breeding) race horse food.
So we said ok, yes please.
They were taken home on dark with the full moon smiling and placed in their new house.
Thankfully they were still there in the morning and we gave them their breakfast and said hello.
Five minutes later they were in their baskets ready to lay!
So we left them for a few hours and returned to find two eggs!
How nice, thank you ladies.
(Very organised and on are very welcome to stay as long as you like.)

After lunch we went to visit and we found another egg in the basket...
so a total of three eggs on their first day!
Now we need to fix up their run and plant some more chicken tucker.
We have named them...
(the latter is the bossy one)


  1. I love those Rhode Island Red Chickens - they're so feminine and fluffy... good choice!! :):)


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